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        1. Chairman's Message


          We place our client relationships front and centre. At POWERPLUS, we strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with each and every client based on trust, integrity and professionalism.

          As one of the world’s leader in the heavy machinery industry, POWERPLUS has consistently demonstrated its ability to expand its market share, achieve excellence in aftersales service in order to realize shareholder value.

          In the last decade, the company has evolved tremendously by diversifying its brand portfolio and introducing many new products and services through our longstanding passion and commitment to innovate upon the latest technologies.

          The fundamental pillars of our success are our skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce who continue to harness their diverse synergies; and today proudly span over 18 nationalities.

          Today, we remain committed to the same ideals and objectives that have driven our success over the last quarter of a century. Values ingrained into our corporate culture include zero compromise on quality, consistent value for money for our customers, continuous investment in our human resources, and a strong commitment to maximize value for our investors.

          POWERPLUS will continue to offer unparalleled value to our clients on the strength of our sound fundamentals in core businesses. We have an ambitious but achievable plan that I believe will position us as a world leader that creates long-term stakeholder value.

          We at POWERPLUS strive to be a world leader in innovation and excellence. So let us be your trusted partner because your success is our success.

          Chairman's Message

          INTERNATIONAL Asia Main Office

          39 Ubi Crescent
          Powerplus Building
          Singapore 408587


          (65) 6339 9333


          (65) 6339 9933

          EMAIL General Inquiry


          Technical & Customer Support





          (65) 9339 3333


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